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Saturday nights at Le Dock in Fair Harbor

The dock across from Le Dock in Fair

The dock across from Le Dock in Fair Harbor attracts sunset crowds with live music on Aug. 9, 2014. Credit: Ian J. Stark

Although other spots on Fire Island have wilder reputations, Le Dock in Fair Harbor quietly throws some bustling good times of its own.

When it comes to Fire Island nightlife, promoted party bars and clubs like Sandbar, 470 Bay Walk, Ocean Beach (631-583-0388); Flynn’s, 1 Cayuga St., Ocean Bay Park (631-583-5000), and Ice Palace, 1 Ocean Walk, Cherry Grove  (631-597-6600) tend to attract steady attention – but Le Dock, a venue that serves as the sole restaurant in Fair Harbor, also hosts weekend gatherings between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends -- particularly themed get-togethers that ask patrons to dress in various ways -- such as pajamas or all-white. Saturday nights are especially notable at Le Dock. DJs are frequently scheduled to continue spinning after 11 p.m. Cocktails are also available for purchase, including mojitos, daiquiris and “rocket fuels,” the rum-powered frozen mixed drink often associated with over-21 late-night fun across the bay.

However, Saturdays at Le Dock don't necessarily wait until late to get started. While diners are still seated, cover bands begin playing mellow-but-upbeat sets from across the sidewalk on the actual dock between  5  and 6 p.m. By 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., large crowds of all ages may form, creating a lively – but still family friendly – scene. In fact, while all the partying is underway along the quay, a long line of kids and parents can be found waiting for treats at the nearby Unfriendly’s Ice Cream takeout counter. At the same time, people are strolling barefoot, walking their bicycles, or snapping photos of the sunset – which all comes together to create a very Fire Island-Long Island summer scene.

Le Dock: 60 Bay Walk, Fair Harbor, 631-583-5200

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