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'Shark Week' comes to Atlantis Marine World

Experienced, professional divers explore inside the shark tank

Experienced, professional divers explore inside the shark tank at Atlantis Marine World. Credit: Atlantis Marine World

Live every week like it's "Shark Week," or so they say.

Well, lookee here, "Shark Week," that quintessential American pasttime of watching people, boats and such get mauled by sharks for one week straight on Discovery Channel, starts this Sunday, Aug. 1. (Why people say "train wreck" instead of "shark attack" has always escaped me.)

Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead, Long Island's biggest aquarium, has prepared its largest exhibit to celebrate. A 120,000-gallon shark tank opens to the public on Saturday, when Philippe Cousteau (Jacques' grandson) will be there to kick it off. He'll also premiere the first episode of "Shark Week" at the aquarium.

During "Shark Week" on TV, head over to the aquarium for even more shark fun, including the shark dive tank. We sent Annie Mac in there last summer, the video of which is related below, along with more "Shark Week" extravaganzas.


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