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SHo Blue Point has arrived

SH? Blue Point in Blue Point. (11/11/11)

SH? Blue Point in Blue Point. (11/11/11) Credit: Ian J Stark

It was only last year that the sign hanging over the once-Dublin Down Tavern in Blue Point suddenly changed to a string-hoisted banner announcing the venue was to be called “Nevele” (as in “Eleven” spelled backward, the tavern’s address being 11 Montauk Hwy.). However, as the late summer and fall of 2011 progressed, there seemed to be no activity at the previously-busy nightspot, and after a short time the Nevele sign disappeared.

However, around the beginning of November, a new placard -- a proper sign, bathed in spotlights, arrived, stating the word “SH?.” And although the doors were still closed, a peek through the windows revealed a change in the long-running theme found at this location was in the works.

Many years ago, it was known as the Glass Ultra Lounge, which was a trendy, Manhattan-style lounge. However, as Dublin, it became more of a sports bar-meets-college-night style of spot, with skateboards and snowboards affixed to the walls, and a large stage-like ledge that allowed for patrons to climb up and dance to the pop, dance, hip-hop and other club beats that DJs played to a young (21-30) crowd. But now as SH? Blue Point, all that has once again been transformed.

SH? is holding its official grand opening on Wednesday, Nov. 23 – one of the biggest nights of the year to go out – and to greet the evening the space is featuring an appearance that has changed dramatically. Gone is the sports equipment; the look is now upscale, with VIP tables lined up behind long curtains in the area that once held the aforementioned elevated dance space. According to management, the goal is to make this a place worthy of corporate meetings and bachelorette parties – in addition to club parties, which will include an industry night on Thursdays (no cover), Fridays (starting Dec. 9) and Saturdays (to be called “Studio Saturdays at SH?”).

Any cover for these bashes is yet to be determined, but the table service is set to start with some bottles as low as $100 – while Thursdays/ Saturdays are scheduled to offer half-priced drinks until 11 p.m.

As for upcoming events, watch for such happenings as a “Freestyle Explosion” show (December) and a “Studio 54” party (date to be announced).

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