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Summer cocktails: suggestions for easy mixing

To the white and red versions, add

To the white and red versions, add Lillet Rose. Credit: Handout

Lillet, which makes a lively aperitif for a lazy day, has become more colorful. To the white and red versions, add Lillet Rosé, pretty in hue and spirited in taste.

Its base is semillon, sauvignon blanc and muscatel. Red-fruit liqueurs provide the tint. And there's that bit of quinine, too. The result has plenty of berry flavor. Try Lillet Rosé on the rocks or in a cocktail. James Bond would approve. A bottle is about $20.

Fever-Tree makes cocktail mixers with some very good ingredients. The mixers include tonic water made with orange oils, cane sugar and quinine; bitter lemon, with Sicilian lemons; ginger ale with Nigerian ginger root; ginger beer; and Mediterranean tonic water, with rosemary and citrus. A four-pack is about $6; 500-ml bottles are about $3.

If you're feeling just too sleepy to mix ingredients, you're still covered. Pour-and-serve Adult Limeade, made with tequila, requires some ice and a glass. The flavor is tart leaning to acidic. The octane: 40 proof. About $20.

When you're so summer-stricken that making sangria seems a challenge, there's Lolailo Sangria, ready-made, imported from Spain. Chill it, mix with fruit, splash with ginger ale -- and remember the heyday of Yago. About $5 for a 750-ml bottle; 1.5-liter, $8.

And on the cusp of the London Olympics: Pimm's No. 1. Place 2 ounces of gin-based Pimm's, some lemon juice or lemonade, in a highball glass with ice. Garnish with a slice of orange or cucumber. Pimm's No. 1 is available for less than $20.

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