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The best hot dogs in NYC

The Chicago hot dog at Danny Meyer's Shake

The Chicago hot dog at Danny Meyer's Shake Shack, with two locations in Manhattan and a location at Citi Field. Credit: Handout

So who has the best hot dogs in Manhattan? Although Brooklyn has its own dog culture (Nathan's, anyone?), we're barking on the other side of the river. Here are our favorites.

1. Shake Shack 

Chi-style hits the Big Apple, with a Vienna beef dog tucked into a poppy seed bun and topped with relish, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and pickles ($4.25 each).

Where: Madison Square Park, 212-889-6600; 366 Columbus Ave., 646-747-8770,

2. Katz's 

As they're the first to say, the dogs are all beef, but they're not kosher. We like them blistery from the grill - with plenty of kraut ($3.10 each).

Where: 205 E. Houston St., 212-254-2246,

3. Westville

Is this a health dog or what? Chalk it up to Niman Ranch. The dogs are all beef and all organic ($4 each).

Where: 210 W. 10th St., 212-741-7971,

4. Gray's Papaya

There's a reason they make everybody's list. In fact, there are two reasons: taste and price (two dogs and a drink, $4.45).

Where: 2090 Broadway at West 72nd Street, 212-799-0243

5. Crif Dogs

Crif Dogs has made its reputation as a go-to place for late-night pit stops. The basic Crif is made of smoked beef and pork; then it gets deep-fried ($2.75 apiece, before you add toppings).

Where: 113 St. Mark's Place, 212-614-2728,