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'The Deck' set to debut at Four Food Studio

Behind this hedge lies “The Deck” at Four

Behind this hedge lies “The Deck” at Four Food Studio in Melville, almost ready to open on June 4, 2012. (June 1, 2012) Credit: Ian J. Stark

Things were business as usual on Latin night at Four Food Studio in Melville Thursday night, with a good-sized group of people dancing, chatting and sipping cocktails – but outside, the patio area seemed very different. It was closed off, and there were signs on the door warning guests to watch out for wet paint. Whether those in the place were aware or not, that outside section of this restaurant and lounge was being prepared for a new experience set to open on Monday, June 4.

Already popular during parties, for meals and happy hour, the al fresco area of Four is set to be reborn as “The Deck.”

One facet of nightlife that crowds tend to seek during summer are outdoor patios, courtyards and other open-air options, and now Four is preparing to make that already in-place feature available for even bigger possibilities.

The section has been upgraded with a wooden floor, pillars and an overhang festooned with dim, tiny-yet-classy strings of bulbs. In the past the outside bar at Four was not a permanent thing, but now there is a four-sided, dedicated bar area that will allow patrons to get beverages outdoors – and with a section put aside for a DJ.

The yard has also doubled in size, with more room for table service (available on Mondays and Thursday through Saturday). Palm-powered vegetation, enclosed in squares of glowing blue light are on the ground, and their sapphire hue is matched by high, azure-lit trees. Once a signature feature that lined Broadhollow Road at Four's curb, those arboreous markers are now pulled in and placed closer to the building, between a privacy-granting hedge and a line of tall, white flag posts.

The actual grand opening is set for Friday, June 8, as a happy hour featuring Mark J as DJ and a show from ever-acclaimed band Peat Moss and The Fertilizers.

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