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'The Power Failure Blackout Party' at The Cortland

3. Hipster bars The Cortland in Bay Shore

3. Hipster bars

The Cortland in Bay Shore serves locally produced craft beers and locally produced food, as well as house-made liquor infusions. Once only found in such urban outposts as Brooklyn, “hipster” bars like The Cortland, as well as The Tap Room in Patchogue and The Leaky Lifeboat in Seaford are flourishing on Long Island -- especially due to the modern music, unusual events and all-around “hip” personality that define these places.

Visit The Cortland, The Tap Room and The Leaky Lifeboat Credit: Barbara Alper, 2010

If you’ve yet to test a locally crafted draft beer, take in an art showing or even play a round of “Rock-Paper-Scissors” at The Cortland in Bay Shore – one of the Island’s most event-driven establishments in recent memory – the always-inventive owner Bobby Gulinello has devised yet another party that may inspire you to consider a visit.

Set for Wednesday, Jan. 11, The Cortland is holding ‘The Power Failure Blackout Party,’ a night full of enticements – but short on electricity.

Gulinello explained the idea came to him during a power outage that occurred at his bar in 2011. Instead of closing shop, the lack of illumination was remedied by candlelight – and while the juice may have been off, the power of the frequently revolving menu of beers born in New York kept things hopping as usual.

After the accidental success of that evening, Gulinello’s decided to bring back the bulb-less experience, but upping the ante. All electric lights and the TVs will be off, with nothing but candles providing any shine -- leaving the entertainment to musician Joe Lopergalo, scheduled to perform acoustic sessions (while paired with an open offer to local players to come and play in between sets as well).

Guests will be asked not to use their cellphones while in attendance to help maintain the low-tech atmosphere (although Gulinello laughingly admits that will likely be a difficult achievement). However, to help patrons pass on poking at their PDAs, all comers will receive a free “S'mores” kit (skewers, chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers), enhanced by the ability to melt those ‘mallows over the house fireplace.

Furthermore, as all Cortland events are almost always centered on special beers, the night will feature Port Jefferson Brewing Company brews on tap. Everything gets going at 8 p.m., with no cover charge to “darken” the experience.

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