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Three spots, two clubs, one address

Memorial Day weekend marks the start of the

Memorial Day weekend marks the start of the party season at SL East in East Hampton. (May 26, 2013) Credit: SL East

If you use the web to try and find a worthy Hamptons bash for weekend fun, the address “44 Three Mile Harbor Road” in East Hampton may come up more than once as a possible result -- and while that is not usually a good thing, in this case your browser is right on the money.

As it turns out, that plotted destination is the location of a double-venue building, with two clubs that share the same roof while raging on Saturdays simultaneously.

To be even more accurate, there are two venues plus a “nightlife residency” as the Pink Elephant bills itself as such. Pink shares its side of “44 Three” with the Sienna Restaurant & Ultralounge (in the former home of Beaumarchais a la plage). Sienna is an upscale eatery that serves eclectic, contemporary food for dinner (and an occasional brunch) Wednesdays through Saturdays. However, on Fridays and Saturdays, the dining space undergoes a physical change starting at 11 p.m.

At that time, the tables of patrons who have wholly wrapped their meals are lifted away from the surrounding booths by the orange-shirted Sienna staffers, and the guests then have the option to either head home or hang around – but the compartments formerly designated for eating are reopened for the Elephant’s bottle service clientele – and in place of the dining furniture, shorter tables arrive, ready to receive buckets of ice designed to chill any spirits or bubbly that may be ordered (and the Pink Elephant representatives that bring buyers their ordered carafes are women, dressed in tight pink fabric, and generally close to 6 feet in height).

By midnight, a DJ is spinning pumping house music and pop remixes, with the crowd dancing in the center of the room and on the furniture – making the transition from Sienna dinner to Pink Elephant nightlife complete.

There are also – as one would expect – restrooms, and on a Saturday night anyone looking for the lavatory will notice curtained egresses adjacent to the washclosets. And, while those doors are closed, it is easy to see that there are flashing lights on the other side. But that is not an invitation to enter; instead it's a hint of an entirely different experience: SL East.

Featuring fully-fledged club nights on summer Saturdays (and occasional holidays), SL East has inhabited its side of the building since 2011, providing a Manhattan mega-club experience. Celebrity mixers are brought in weekly to deliver powerful beats for the crowd, which also is a combination of attendees dancing on every available inch of both floor and furniture while enjoying bottle service. SL also has an outdoor patio equipped with cabanas and a full bar, so if the heat generated by all that body movement indoors gets to be too strong, a breather is always available. (Sienna/ Pink Elephant also has its own outdoor area, furnished with several tables as well.)

Just remember: these are two completely separate spots, so while you might spend at least $1,000 (but probably more) for a table minimum to enter one establishment, you’ll have to drop a second similar expenditure to visit both the hotspots that inhabit this East Hampton edifice.

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