A lot of bottles are uncorked, poured and recorked. And, admittedly, a few end up in the refrigerator, rolling over last night's pizza and knocking over the mustard jar.

Metrokane, which brought mondo vino the very efficient Original Rabbit Corkscrew ($50), the lever-style mainstay, has added to its speedy, plunge-and-pull repertoire, and improved the open-serve-save process in other ways, too.

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You could buy some very good wines for the price of most of the equipment. But these aren't just more wine toys. They're actually helpful.

The Original Rabbit Corkscrew now has company from The Vertical Rabbit ($50), a plunge-and-pull model that's more streamlined, covers the top of the bottle, and quickly pulls the cork. If the manual corkscrews won't do, The Electric Rabbit Corkscrew ($50) does the job with a button push. It also sports an LED screen showing the number of pulls remaining before you need to recharge it.

Verseur ($25) is a useful combination corkscrew, foil cutter, pour spout and bottle stopper in one gadget. It works. The Rabbit Wine Preserver ($15) comes next. The device helps keep wine fresh with a pump to create a vacuum and a gauge to show when it's done.

And, to keep those bottles from moving around in the refrigerator, there's Vine ($8 for two), an item that's shaped like an "o" with legs. Slip one around the bottle's neck, and the bottle stays in place. Keeps you from just standing it up between the milk and orange juice, or using crumpled aluminum foil, too.