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Two days of waves for women only

A young girl rides her board during a

A young girl rides her board during a surfing contest. (July 20, 2013) Credit: J. Conrad Williams Jr.

For the many people who think of surfing as not just fun but rather as a way of life, it's no secret that plenty of girls and women alike love to ride the waves. However, the predominance of the sport’s media coverage tends to focus on the male stars and participants, which can give the impression that the activity is mainly a dude’s doing. But this coming weekend, female enthusiasts – and female enthusiasts alone -- will have a chance to handle every choice current and swell that washes up at one of the more popular spots for surfing anywhere in the USA.

Running all day through both Aug. 3-4, the “Roxy Montauk Classic” will take place at Ditch Plains beach, and for this particular competition, the first rule is “No Guys Allowed.”

Although Ditch Plains is a destination for surfers from around the globe, in this instance only females will be allowed to join in, with the contest broken down into age divisions such as “Teenie Wahines” (ages 6-10), “Jr Queens” (15-19), “Queens” (20-29) and “Royalty” (30+), and then further separated into either longboard or shortboard runs.

In addition, aside from all the anticipated “hanging ten,” there will be games, giveaways (including raffle items from the Classic’s host company Roxy brand apparel) and autograph sessions with various female surf celebrities that are scheduled to appear throughout the event. Furthermore, even if you have no plans to surf but still want to look the part, there will be stylists from Paul Mitchell cosmetics on hand to apply beach-inspired coiffures.

Both days start with check-ins at 6:30 a.m. Anyone looking to compete must be registered beforehand, and space to join in the tournament is limited. Go online to for rules, releases, registration and further information.

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