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Underground EDM finds a spot in Nassau County

Dancing to EDM Saturday, March 1, 2014, at

Dancing to EDM Saturday, March 1, 2014, at the Techno Hippy bash at Ringside Bar in Hicksville. Credit: Ian J. Stark

Although the big pubs and nightclubs still count on standard stuff, underground sounds can be found on Long Island.

For the most part, LI venues that feature DJs still tend to stick to mainstream styles of music, (hip-hop, pop remixes, mash-ups and classic beats) but nights where the more unusual sorts of EDM spin (techno, dubstep, deep house and hard trance) exist as well – albeit with less frequency as the alternative bashes aren't usually reoccurring, and can be hard to find as these doings are mostly promoted within the underground circuit.

However, despite the dedicated crowd that populate these parties, for one reason or another it seems Nassau County has been passed over as an area to set up such affairs. Suffolk County has seen many, and both Queens and Brooklyn host regular rave-styled events – yet there have been virtually no notable underground EDM Nassau-based happenings in quite some time – forcing those  living between the Cross Island Parkway and Route 110 to travel sizable distances just to join the fun.

Until Ringside Bar in Hicksville came along, that is.

One of the newer spots on the Island, Ringside – a place better-recognized for such doings as karaoke and live performances from cover bands – has made a bold move and added an EDM night to its event calendar.

The first such gathering, Techno Hippy, took place on Saturday and featured a selection of locally known DJs, among them Frank Clementi and Kitty Pryde. A steady crowd came by for this first night, consisting of mainly men and women under 30, some dressed in funky, clubby clothes (and a few guests with glow sticks) a vastly different scene from the casual 30 to 50 year old group that comes to Ringside on other nights.

According to the bar’s owners, this night should return in the near-future, and it could land on either Fridays or Saturdays – so be sure and check out Ringside online at for updates and more information.

Ringside Bar: 247 S. Broadway, Hicksville, 516-595-7076