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Valentine’s Day drinks: Rosé Champagnes to celebrate with

The best Champagnes for Valentine's Day.

The best Champagnes for Valentine's Day. Credit: Dreamstime

Valentine’s Day is a rosy affair.

Veuve Clicquot, one of the great Champagne producers, welcomes this year’s festivities with a bottle of its excellent nonvintage rosé in a package that allows you to record a message to your love. “Clicq’ Call” ($69) is a stylish gift. The message may be erased and revised, too. While it’s an appealing touch, the rosé Champagne does speak for itself: elegant, accessible, full of red fruit, especially raspberry and strawberry.

Chandon Rosé ($24) is available in a limited-release bottle that sports a light, celebratory wrap from fashion designer Carol Lim. This expressive bottle will be available through April. The sparkling wine it holds has a hint of cherry and works well as an aperitif or with mild appetizers.

Martini & Rossi Sparkling Rosé ($13, 750 ml; $15 for four minis) has a floral accent and is a good choice if you prefer a sweeter wine. Fittingly, it’s good company with desserts, chocolate variety.

You’d serve any of these in the classic flute glass. If you’re intent on a still rosé, Riedel, which makes wineglasses, has unveiled one for rosé. The Riedel Vinum Extreme Rosé Provence Glass is curvy with a diamond-like shape. A set of two is $69 at

The refreshing, pale pink 2014 Fattoria Sardi Rosato ($20) is versatile, light, and looks pretty good in those Riedel glasses. And, even if it’s not a Provençal rosé, this Tuscan does have a floral note, rosé variety, to go with all those hints of summer fruit.

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