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Weak Sauce: Bottle return centers at supermarkets

Welcome to Weak Sauce, a new feature here at LOL. This is where we rant and rave at the inadequacies we perceive about everyday life on Long Island.

We begin with the early closing hours of bottle return centers at supermarkets. Most of them seem to close way earlier than the store does.

What sort of crazy gangster activity goes down in such a store that supermarkets feel they have to deny their customers a basic shopping amenity?  Is that where all the crystal meth gets sold or something?

It's two doors down from impossible to work a full-time job and hit the gym after work, then successfully perform your environmental tasks.

Closing time for the bottle return is as early as 8 p.m. in some towns. So, basically, you have to be unemployed or work part-time in order to return a few bags of nickels.

Weak sauce.

Anyone know of late-closing bottle return centers at supermarkets? Seriously, help me out.