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Weekend observations

This is one of two cannons at Belmont

This is one of two cannons at Belmont Lake State Park that were captured from a British warship during the War of the 1812. Credit:

Some random thoughts and observations from this past weekend's experiences exploring Long Island.

1) When a restaurant positions itself as a "small plates" eatery "made for sharing," I immediately wonder if they're actively marketing and advertising themselves to the gastric bypass surgery market.

2) Who knew that we had British cannons from the War of 1812 on display at Belmont Lake State Park? Pretty cool for us history buffs. The lake, however, could use a pool skimmer or 20.

3) The newly refurbished Phelps Lane Park in North Babylon is pretty dope. Loved the two water slides.

4) When the guy running the karaoke at a public place sings the first three songs, maybe it's time to reconsider things.

5) Props to Chris, the nicest and most informative Staples cashier I have ever encountered.


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