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Weekend observations

"Jersey Shore" Halloween costumes.

"Jersey Shore" Halloween costumes. Credit:

Some random thoughts and observations from this past weekend's experiences exploring Long Island.

1) Those of you who are dreading starting to teach your children how to drive, here's a tip: Take them to a Bed Bath & Beyond on a Saturday afternoon and make them steer the cart without hitting anyone or anything in the aisles. If they can pull that off, they'll be excellent drivers.

2) Planting Fields Arboretum maybe more bountiful in the spring and summer, but the fall colors are pretty dope, too.

3) Not sure how many people know this, but "Whole Foods" is actually the short version of the supermarket's name. Its real name: "Whole-y Bejesuses, these Foods are expensive."

4) Spotted through the doorway walking past Ricky's Halloween store in Jericho: These costumes. And they have the entire cast, too. Oh Lord.

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