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Remembering Fred's Diner in Huntington

Walter F. Goehring, the former owner of Fred's

Walter F. Goehring, the former owner of Fred's Diner in Huntington who in his younger days was known as an excellent short-order cook at the family-style establishment, has died. He was 80. Credit: Goehring family

Monday’s news of the passing of Walter Goehring, owner of the former Fred’s Diner in Huntington, struck a chord.

I have many memories of meals at Fred’s, which, back in the day, was a gleaming pink diner, and quite retro in appearance. Although the place was known for its sauerbraten, our family went there mainly for burgers and sandwiches. Our two children, who were toddlers during the last of Fred's diner days, loved the place fiercely.

One summer weekend, when they were around three years old, their grandparents drove out from Brooklyn to baby-sit. They first thing the two of them asked was to be taken to Fred’s for lunch. Although my father-in-law didn’t know where the diner was, he allowed the pair to direct him, telling him where and when to turn. They got there without a hitch and had a lovely meal.

In the ensuing years, the site morphed into Fred’s Restaurant, which specialized in German fare, and, after several ownership changes and makeovers, became BiVio Ristorante Italiano. No traces of Fred's former pink self remain.

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