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Freeport: Valentine's Day @ Ocean Grill

Diners outdoors on the patio at Ocean Grill,

Diners outdoors on the patio at Ocean Grill, on South Main Street in Freeport. (July 31, 2010) Credit: Dave Sanders

Known for its outdoor dining in summer, Ocean Grill in Freeport is also a cold weather destination, thanks to the cooking of chef Julio Rivas. Just today, Rivas came out with a four-course $35 dinner menu for Valentine’s Day.

Begin with a first course of Caesar or house salad or potato leek soup, followed by a second course of tuna tartare, coconut shrimp or prosciutto and melon. Among main course selections are a petite filet mignon in bacon cream sauce, grilled black sea bass in sun-dried tomato butter, and twin 6-ounce Brazilian lobster tails. Finish with raspberry crème brûlée or Key lime pie, served with coffee or tea.

Ocean Grill is at 499 S. Main St., Freeport, 516-208-9604

Outdoors at Ocean Grill, Freeport, in summer