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Space-age ice-cream parlor Freezology replaces Sub Zero in Patchogue

At Freezology in Patchogue, ice cream is made

At Freezology in Patchogue, ice cream is made from scratch and frozen in a matter of minutes using super-cold blasts of liquid nitrogen. Photo Credit: Alan Zollo

Freezology has broken free of the franchise chains that bound it. Patchogue’s space-age ice cream parlor opened in July 2016 as a link in the Utah-based Sub Zero Ice Cream chain, but it has now shed that affiliation and reopened as an independent store.

Freezology continues to make ice cream the new-fashioned way, using blasts of super-cold liquid nitrogen to freeze the custard mixture in a matter of minutes. (Nitrogen, which constitutes 78 percent of the air we breathe, is safe.)

Dave Zollo, whose family owns the store, said that while some of the proprietary names of menu items have changed, neither the ingredients nor techniques have. As before, the 48 flavors of ice cream mix and two dozen toppings can be combined, to order, in almost infinite variations.

Choose among four ice-cream bases: regular, low-fat, yogurt or vegan. Cups range from $3.99 to $9 depending on size and complexity.

In its new incarnation, Freezology has expanded its alcohol-infused offerings. For these “ice cream cocktails,” an ounce of liquor is mixed with three scoops of ice cream. The quantity of ice cream ensures that the final product is no more than 5 percent alcohol; any more, and Freezology would need a liquor license.

The shop’s best-selling cocktail is made with dark-chocolate ice cream and bourbon. Other popular flavors include bananas Foster (with spiced rum) and brandy Alexander (with nutmeg and apricot brandy). The price is $12.50.

Freezology is at 73 N. Ocean Ave., Patchogue, 631-307-9747.

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