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Frenagel, a bagel-doughnut hybrid, is born at Fiorello Dolce in Huntington

The "Frenagel" at Fiorello Dolce in Huntington. March

The "Frenagel" at Fiorello Dolce in Huntington. March 2015. Credit: Fiorello Dolce

Witness the "Frenagel."

This appetizing hybrid, created at Fiorello Dolce in Huntington, is a savory cross between a bagel and a French doughnut.

"One of our chefs had an urge for a bagel, and decided to make it with the dough we use for French doughnuts," said Gerard Fioravanti, Fiorello's owner and pastry chef. "It's lighter than a bagel, it's got crunch, and it's really good."

The Frenagel, which sells for $3.95, is filled with whipped scallion cream cheese. It's topped with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and sea salt.

Fiorello Dolce, which also makes the popular croissant-doughnut union, is open Fridays till 7 p.m.

Fiorello Dolce, 57 Wall St., Huntington; 631-424-0803.

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