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Fried chicken on Long Island: Our favorite places to get it

Fried chicken stands as a stark rebuke to America’s favorite lean protein, millions, yea billions, of grilled breasts.

Every culture that consumes chicken has conspired to find a method of frying that amplifies the flavor and enhances the textural contrast between meat and skin. In fact, frying is probably the best way to preserve the moisture content of the breast, though for fried-chicken aficionados, dark meat — succulent drumsticks and thighs, not to mention the wicked crust-to-meat ratio of the wings — is the way to go. The best part: eating it cold on the day after.

It’s never gone out of fashion, but fried chicken is having a moment at Long Island restaurants. Here are some of our favorites.

Navy Beach

Fried chicken served at Navy Beach restaurant in
Credit: Gordon M. Grant

Navy Beach (16 Navy Rd., Montauk): If you’ve ever enjoyed a bucket of KFC on the beach, you’ve experienced a glimmer of the pleasures of fried chicken at Navy Beach. Seated at a picnic table on the Montauk restaurant’s expansive private sands, with views of Fort Pond Bay and Gardiner’s Island, you can eschew the cutlery and dig into three pieces of crispy buttermilk fried chicken drizzled with spicy honey and served with Cheddar cornbread and slaw, $29. More info: 631-668-6868,


American Beech

Buttermilk fried chicken, finished with spiced honey, greens
Credit: Randee Daddona

American Beech (300 Main St., Greenport): This eatery's crisp, juicy buttermilk fried chicken is spurred by spiced honey, blue-cheese-laced greens, and pickled onion and tomato. More info: 631-477-5939,

Cafe Bethel

Pollo con tajadas, crispy fried chicken with green
Credit: Daniel Brennan

Cafe Bethel (52 W. Merrick Rd., Freeport):  Pollo con tajadas, crispy pieces of fried chicken slathered in a marinade of mayo and mustard, bathed in flour and fried to order, is served with green plantains and cabbage at this Central American eatery. More info: 516-608-8868


Jackson's in Commack serves fried chicken with cheese
Credit: Jeremy Bales

Jackson's (6005 Jericho Tpke., Commack): At Jackson’s, a rollicking, family-friendly gastropub, there’s a whole section of the menu devoted to “the farm bird,” which you can have roasted, grilled, pecan-crusted or fried. (The menu also advises you that it will take 20 minutes; birds are not cooked in advance.) Pearl’s Southern fried chicken, four pieces to an order, comes with a Cheddar biscuit, coleslaw and hand-cut fries covered with cheese and gravy, $20. More info: 631-462-0822,

Spicy’s BBQ

A ten piece fried chicken, one of the
Credit: Daniel Brennan

Spicy’s BBQ (225 W. Main St., Riverhead): Billed as a barbecue joint, Spicy’s offers fried chicken that steals the stage. Grab an order of 10 for less than $8 or 50 for $38. They’re the kind of wings that make you covet the crispy bits. In the event you can save some for later, it’s as good cold. (Pictured: A 10-piece fried chicken). More info: 631-727-2781,

La Vicharra Grill

The Pollado at La Vicharra Grill in Glen
Credit: Linda Rosier

La Vicharra Grill (62 Landing Rd., Glen Cove): Only the dark meat is used for this Peruvian style fried chicken. More info: 516-801-1314,

Salamander’s on Front

Salamander's on Front Street specializes specializes in fried
Credit: Doug Young

Salamander’s on Front (38 Front St., Greenport): Three years ago, Claudia Helinski moved her off-the-beaten-path shop to spacious new premises in a prime spot with a full bar and seating on two levels. At Salamander’s on Front Street, however, the fried chicken remains the same. All Helinski will reveal about the recipe is that it involves a seasoned brine and a pressure cooker. The result is chicken that really tastes like chicken, veiled with a crisp but not overbearing crust. Two pieces, plus fries, cornbread and thick-shredded purple slaw, is $14. For takeout (24 pieces plus cornbread for $49), call ahead — up to a week ahead for holiday weekends. More info: 631-477-3711,


Yard bird chicken and waffle sandwich, made with
Credit: Daniel Brennan

Vauxhall (26 Clinton Ave., Huntington): The yardbird chicken and waffle sandwich (pictured) at Vauxhall is a competitive alternative to the comely burgers at this hipster haven. That’s because the (boneless) buttermilk fried chicken served on a waffle-as-sandwich is made with cornmeal studded with bacon. And it’s served with some highly addictive fries for a mere $12. More info: 631-425-0222,

Wings ‘n Things

Fried chicken at Wings'n Things in Hempstead, Sunday,
Credit: Albert Trotman

Wings ‘n Things (Multiple locations): Wings ‘n Things has been serving fried chicken enthusiasts in Hempstead (519 Fulton Ave.) since 1988. Earlier this year, a second location opened up in Elmont (1717 Dutch Broadway). The setup is fast food (the Hempstead location, said owner Paul Madonna, used to be a Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits) but Wings ‘n Things birds don’t taste like they come from a chain. Prices are beyond reasonable: three pieces with fries and cornbread or a biscuit for $5.99, and there are combo meals, family value meals and what can only be described as bulk discounts: 50 to 100 pieces for $1.29 a piece. To cater to the local clientele, sides include rice, beans and tortilla. More info: 516-483-0936 (Hempstead) and 516-341-7075 (Elmont).


Swingbellys BBQ

Fried chicken served with sides of collards, fries,
Credit: Juan Cristobal Cobo

Swingbellys BBQ (909 W. Beech St., Long Beach): Tuesday is fried chicken night at Swingbellys BBQ in Long Beach, where $16 buys you four pieces of juicy, crunchy chicken drizzled with honey and served with mac-and-cheese, smokehouse beans or collards and a BLT salad. Always on the menu is a nice hunk of boneless fried chicken sandwiched between two cornbread waffles with Sriracha ranch dressing and lettuce, $12. Weekend brunch features fried chicken with a biscuit and sausage gravy, $15. (Pictured: Fried chicken with sides of collards, fries, waffles and mac and cheese). More info: 516-431-3464,


The Rolling Spring Roll

The wings at Rolling Spring Roll are marinated
Credit: Newsday/Melissa McCart

The Rolling Spring Roll (228 W. Jericho Tpke., Syosset): Chicken wings are an exciting surprise at the new sibling to the Farmingdale location of The Rolling Spring Roll. Super crispy, light and thick, this chicken sings with garlic and seduces with crispy rice-flour batter. Don’t underestimate the marinade, says owner Joe Bui, who uses a fish sauce that adds an umami element to the dish. More info: 516-677-9090,

LL Dent

Fried chicken with a biscuit and collards, served
Credit: Albert Trotman

LL Dent (221 Old Country Rd., Carle Place): It’s the 10th anniversary of LL Dent, a family-run spot cooking up fine Southern fare. Mother Lillian and daughter and chef Leisa Dent, the culinary school graduate who used to be the personal chef for Eddie Murphy, run the show here. Though Dent’s favorite dishes range from slab bacon and grits, fried catfish and pulled pork to collards and sweet potato pie, she’s got a crispy fried chicken quarter on the menu for $16.95 with a choice of two sides, from grits to mac-and-cheese, coleslaw to candied yams. (Pictured: Fried chicken with a biscuit and collards.) More info: 516-742-0940,

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