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Where to get great frozen cocktails on Long Island

It’s for sharing photos, it’s for wasting time, but mostly Instagram is for showing other people how much more fun your life is than theirs. And few visuals accomplish this more beautifully or efficiently than still-lifes of frozen cocktails, with their pictorial appeal and unparalleled envy quotient. Careful, though — not all adult slushies are created equal. Herewith, eight beautifully constructed libations by Island cocktail artists that will leave you inspired, flush with likes, and thoroughly buzzed.

'Banana Bailey’s Colada' at Coastal Kitchen & Daiquiri Bar

The Banana Bailey's Colada with rum, coconut, pineapple
Credit: Yvonne Albinowski

"Banana Bailey's Colada" at Coastal Kitchen & Daiquiri Bar (12 E. Main St., Bay Shore): Fifty years ago, the addition of a single spirit -- amaretto -- to the humble piña colada was enough to spark outrage -- along with untold numbers of hangovers -- among tropical tipplers throughout the tristate area. These days, however, no one raises an eyebrow over the rocket fuel, while the BBC, with its one-two punch of Irish cream and macerated half-banana, courts controversy with every sip.  The ecru slush mountain mixed by Joe Sileo, of Bay Shore will no doubt divide drinkers too, but he brings many disparate forces into a satisfying blend, literally. More info: 631-665-3030,

'Strawberry Passion Fruit Margarita' at Salt on the Water

The strawberry passion fruit margarita at Salt on
Credit: Newsday/Scott Vogel

"Strawberry Passion Fruit Margarita" at Salt on the Water (3100 Whaleneck Drive, Merrick): Not a few eyebrows in Merrick were raised when Stephanie Cativo presented this phantasmagoric first to denizens of the makeshift seating area abutting Salt on the Water's parking lot. But thanks to confident swirls of crimson and daffodil, the West Hempstead resident's margarita has an immediacy and energy that perfectly complements a sweet-tart bouquet. Note especially the surface imagery, a nod to Category 5 hurricanes by a cocktail reckless enough to defy any evacuation order. More info: 516-442-7470,

'Strawberry Daiquiri' at The Cuban

The strawberry daiquiri at The Cuban, which has
Credit: Newsday/Scott Vogel

"Strawberry Daiquiri" at The Cuban (987 Stewart Ave., Garden City): Popular and ubiquitous, corny and clichéd, the strawberry daiquiri is the Thomas Kinkade of the cocktail world. If this carmine-hued concoction somehow manages to be revelatory anyway, it's thanks to the efforts of Julio Vazquez of Levittown. Austere, but possessing an authenticity born of what tastes like a quart of berries, this is the daiquiri to change your mind about daiquiris. Mindful that overfussiness can backfire in cocktail land (not to mention on Instagram), Vazquez opts instead for a simplicity that's formal, deceptive, and best enjoyed to the accompaniment of staccato salsa beats on the patio. (Other location at 5 W. Main St., Patchogue). More info: 516-222-0295,

'Holy Lola' at South Shore Dive

The Holy Lola at South Side Dive in
Credit: Newsday/Scott Vogel

"Holy Lola" at South Shore Dive (65 Main St., West Sayville): Subtle shades ordinarily have no place on the splashy streets of Margaritaville, but Blue Point's Dylan Carey has pulled off an upset with a deceptively daring use of lavender syrup. Restrained sweetness imparts an adult sensibility to the tequila concoction, and while a sprig of actual lavender might seem unnecessarily jaunty to some, it's difficult to imagine a more impactful comment on the cotton candy-colored beverage -- named not for a woman, as it happens, but a rescue dog. More info: 631-218-6500,

'Mango Margarita' at Little Mexico

The mango margarita at Little Mexico in Westbury.
Credit: Newsday/Scott Vogel

"Mango Margarita" at Little Mexico (280 Post Ave., Westbury): Mixmaster Sophia Hernandez has constructed a loving tribute to cocktail hours past with this cactus-glass-goblet-and-maraschino presentation of her butter-colored brew. Mango mavens will be disappointed to discover that the frothy drink comes only in a plastic cup at present (owing to current restrictions), but the Westbury resident triumphs anyway with a unique blend of lip-puckering acidity and a milkiness that recalls early Orange Julius. More info: 516-333-2038,

'Pomegranate Tangerine Margarita' at Besito

The pomegranate tangerine margarita at Besito, which has
Credit: Newsday/Scott Vogel

"Pomegranate Tangerine Margarita" at Besito (402 New York Ave., Huntington): Antonio Flores' work is a thirst-quenching Rorschach: your fuddy-duddy followers will heart its self-effacing quality -- the drink resembles something ladled from a boring party's punchbowl -- while the adventurous will swear they've seen better work from a Slurpee machine. As you might expect, exploring myths of perception and their effect on a basket of tortilla chips are paramount for this Huntington bartender, but he also demonstrates a clear mastery of fundamentals. The tongue-rattling fruitiness of his margarita is spot on, as is the tumbler swathed in permafrost. (Other locations at 1516 Old Northern Blvd., Roslyn and 399 Montauk Hwy., West Islip). More info: 631-549-0100,

'Block Island Mudslide' at Coach Meeting House

The Block Island Mudslide at Coach Meeting House
Credit: Newsday/Scott Vogel

"Block Island Mudslide" at Coach Meeting House (160 Mill River Rd., Oyster Bay): The best kind of mixed message, this wake me up/let me sleep melding of Espresso vodka, coffee, Bailey's and Godiva liqueur is a caramel-colored charmer. There's a bold forswearing of Kahlua here by Morgan Follett -- the brains behind this heterogeneous brain freeze -- that will no doubt offend purists from that other famous drinkers' isle on the Sound. But make no mistake, the Bayville native has not skimped on booziness. Its iconic mocha-frappo-macchiato-ness notwithstanding, the shake presents a welcome reminder of just how potent a mudslide can be, and a challenge to everything you thought you knew about finding your car. Which is just as well, as you'll have no business driving anyway. More info: 516-588-9288,

'Kiwi Margarita' at Bahama Breeze

The kiwi margarita at Bahama Breeze in Lake
Credit: Newsday/Scott Vogel

"Kiwi Margarita" at Bahama Breeze (612 Smith Haven Mall, Lake Grove): The busyness of the assemblage notwithstanding (the garnishes could benefit from social distancing), this highlighter-green slushie is by the artist known only as Michelle -- owing to the Farmingdale resident's refusal to give me her last name. Subtlety is nowhere in evidence, not in the boldly described rim, not in the Hi-Chew-ness of the cocktail's Down Under flavor, and yet the delicate peach paper parasol somehow works, a quiet moment in an otherwise raucous affair. More info: 631-366-6212,

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