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Garden City: Got what it takes to work at Waterzooi?

People drink and dine at Waterzooi in Garden

People drink and dine at Waterzooi in Garden City. Credit: Photo by Jonathan Young

Perusing the food-and-beverage jobs on Craigslist, I came upon a help-wanted ad from Waterzooi in Garden City. Potential servers were invited to download an application from the restaurant’s website, fill it out and bring it with them at an open call today at 5 p.m.

Not that I’m looking, but I downloaded the application and was heartily impressed with its thoroughness. After general information is requested, applicants must fill out this soul-penetrating questionnaire:

1. Which of the restaurants you have worked at taught you the most about fine dining service and why?
2. Which taught you the most about food and wine? Why?
3. Which restaurant are you proudest to have worked at? The least proud? Please explain.
4. Which restaurants have you left by choice and why?
5. Which restaurants chose to let you go and why?
6. What did you learn from these experiences?
7. How will your next job have to be different from your last or present job to make it more challenging and interesting for you?
8. What do you like most about working in restaurants?
9. Which aspect do you least enjoy?
10. How do you define great service?
11. To help us get to know you better, please rank yourself on a scale of 1-10 in the following areas: beer knowledge, salesmanship, team player, wine knowledge, friendliness, communications, food knowledge, plate-carrying ability, fine-service finesse, perseverance
11a. Are you willing to educate yourself on over 50 beers and over 50 wines, in addition to the history and culture of Belgium and its foods?
12. Are you willing and able not to smoke while working or on the premises of our restaurant?
13. What activities or career goals do you pursue outside the restaurant business?
14. How has your sense of humor been valuable to you in the restaurant business?

Waterzooi is at 850 Franklin Ave., Garden City, 516-877-2177.