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Gentle Brew in Hicksville

Hicksville- Gentle Brew is a newly-opened coffee shop/roaster

Hicksville- Gentle Brew is a newly-opened coffee shop/roaster at 107-7 Stewart Ave. in Hicksville. Pictured, from left to right, is owners Zain Nadeem, Pat Luyster and Bryan Baquet, all of Hicksville. Photo by Marissa Cox Credit: Marissa Cox

The aromas of both brewing coffee and roasting beans greet you at the door of Gentle Brew in Hicksville, a new boutique-roaster opened recently by three young pals from Hicksville. Their twin goals are to educate consumers about coffee, and to support  sustainable, organic coffee farming.

There are no tables here, no food or scones, just a few ottomans and bar stools where you can sit and order a cup of the Dark Horse blend, Berry Detox hot tea, or homemade hot chocolate. Expect to wait five minutes for your beverage, since all are brewed to order.

Serving you and working the roaster, known as "Peggy,''  are Bryan Baquet, 23, Pat Luyster, 23, and Zain Nadeem, 21. (Baquet and Nadeem are still in college and alternate their time between school and work.). While fresh coffee is carefully being French pressed, vacuum potted, and manually or automatically dripped at the front, “Peggy,” is working hard in the back on green seeds from Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Honduras, Mexico and New Guinea.

The roasted beans, which come in 17 plain, blended and flavored varieties, are sold in one-pound biodegradable bags and ground to order. Beans may be purchased at the shop, online (at, and at Newbridge Farms in Levittown. Gentle Brew will also deliver beans directly to your door, along with milk, filters, grinders and other accessories. The Brew crew will deliver anywhere on Long Island, free of charge, and weekly scheduled deliveries are available.

Gentle Brew Coffee Co. is at 107-7 Stewart Ave., Hicksville; 516-605-2370;

At Gentle Brew in Hicksville, from left to right, owners Zain Nadeem, Pat Luyster and Bryan Baquet

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