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Giorgio's Pizza

There's a catering room that seats 50 for parties in back, but the front of the restaurant is where most of the action happens. The counter is busy with take out orders that encompass 50-75 percent of the 4-year-old business. But families also eat in at the 10-11 tables that line the walls. Pizzas range from plain to ambitious, with toppers like fried calamari, buffalo chicken or chicken marsala. Customers craving pasta can order the rigatoni rustica, with sautéed chicken, spinach and pink sauce, or pasta a la Giorgio – a grilled chicken cutlet with sun-dried tomatoes and spinach in garlic and oil. Both dishes are $10.80 each. There are also fried rice balls about the size of a baseball. Seafood dishes are available and discount coupons are offered on Giorgio's Web site.