Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Girls night out in Babylon

Sending up a flag for all those ladies out there looking for a place to meet up with a girlfriend for a chat, a meal and a drink. In my mind it always needs to be quiet, table-clothed, with remarkable food and drinks and friendly servers. My friend and I found all of that recently at Horace & Sylvia’s Publick House in Babylon (new look, new chef, new menu).

We walked in and stated our requests to Sandy, the hostess. She gave us a very knowing look, maybe even a little wink that said, “I know just what you’re looking for.” And that she did. She led us to a comfortable rear booth. Light-colored, gauzy burlap hangs between each booth, providing a sense of privacy, further absorbing noise and creating nice ambient lighting. A win, win, win for me.

We ordered our usual fare: two appetizers each, a glass of wine and a cosmopolitan. When our server, Alyssa, brought my cocktail, she also brought an extra amount in a small tumbler, saying the bartender made a little too much and didn't want it to go to waste. I love this place!

I ordered a Waldorf salad and some Thai chicken satay, to be served simultaneously. Both were delicious and an excellent combination that I must remember. My girlfriend ordered mussels in white wine and a conventional Caesar salad (instead of the “unconventional Caesar salad” on the menu that includes Gorgonzola and tomatoes). Also, delicious. We cleaned our plates (and emptied our stemware).

The gossip was delicious, too.

Horace & Sylvia’s Publick House is at 100 Deer Park Ave., Babylon, 631-587-5080



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