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GM Burger Bar review


The "not cho" burger is topped with tortilla strips, pico de gallo, scallions, Cheddar Jack and jalapeño crema at GM Burger in Rockville Centre. Credit: Jeremy Bales

GM Burger Bar, a handsome, popular addition to the George Martin Restaurant Group, has gone through some changes since opening some months back. These days, servers listen carefully to requests -- and check back on them. Which means you should get your burger cooked to the temperature you ask for -- and, if not delivered as ordered, expect a cheerful correction.

You may want to begin with a non-burger item. Try the chili pop shrimp, an irresistible bowlful of fried shellfish in a spicy-creamy Thai chili sauce. A crowd-pleaser is a warm Brie-stuffed pretzel served with fig jam -- that salty-sweet interplay so many seek. At dinner, a hot dog baked in puff pastry and served with horseradish mustard proves a hit. So, too, at lunch, does a chopped Brown Derby Cobb salad, a bright, fresh toss of lettuce, juicy grilled chicken, bacon, tomatoes, avocado, hard-boiled egg and blue cheese.

One afternoon, the featured burger is an "over the top" chili burger made with chipotle black-bean chili, fried fresh jalapeños, chopped red onion and Cheddar Jack cheese. It comes precisely rare, as ordered, and is as over-the-top as its name implies. Ornate, too, is the "not cho" burger topped with tortilla strips, pico de gallo, scallions, Cheddar Jack and jalapeño crema.

Then, there's the big, bodacious "juicy Lucy," stuffed with three cheeses and basted with Worcestershire. Easier to pick up with two hands: a simple but oozy 5-ounce burger on a soft roll.

While the "pilgrim" turkey burger (with apple and red onion marmalade, Brie and cranberry-honey mustard) isn't in the same league as the beef burgers, a recent version comes out much more moist than the chokingly dry one encountered on an initial visit.

Crisp cottage fries -- previously frozen -- actually beat out hand-cut shoestrings, which get cold way too quickly.

For those not into burgers, try the moist, savory rotisserie chicken.

As a finale -- or with your burger -- get one of the restaurant's thick, rich milkshakes, also available spiked. Just hold the aerosol whipped cream. The caramel latte shake is good, the chocolate version, even better.