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Gonzo's Mexican Grill

Folks who work at the nearby hospital and courts are well acquainted with this small but winning Mexican Grill. On one side, a fresh salsa bar showcases a bright pico de gallo and a few salsas.
The menu is simple and focused. There are burritos (a "Gonzo" burrito comes filled with charbroiled chicken or steak, pico de gallo, black or pinto beans, Mexican rice and salsa) as well as salads, from a fajita salad to a Mexican chicken Caesar. Quesadillas (steak, chicken and a host of others) and tacos (proper fish taco made with shredded cabbage) plus wraps and nachos round out the menu.

For those who can't get away from the office, the place delivers, so long as the order totals $15 - an amount that would probably feed two hungry eaters.