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Great dumplings of Long Island

Hard to come by on Long Island, soup

Hard to come by on Long Island, soup dumplings (also called soup buns, or, in their native Shanghai, xiao long bao) are a signature item at Red Tiger Dumpling House in Stony Brook. Credit: Heather Walsh

OK, being a food writer isn’t exactly working in a coal mine, but it’s not all fun and games here in the Newsday food department. We have our share of bad meals, boring meetings and difficult interviews.

But sometimes a story comes along that’s just an unqualified joy. That’s the case with today’s survey of Long Island’s dumpling scene. We savored every moment of reporting this story, which covers 10 great gyoza, pot stickers, mandu, manti, dim sum, aushak, kreplach and soup dumplings in Nassau and Suffolk.

Click here to read the dumpling story (and see mouthwatering photos too).

For the home cook, we've rounded up some local sources for amazingly good frozen dumplings: Click here (and see one mouthwatering photo).