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Happy at The Burger Spot in Garden City

At The Burger Spot in Garden City, a

At The Burger Spot in Garden City, a bacon cheeseburger is enjoyed outside on Sept. 3, 2014. Credit: Newsday / Erica Marcus

What a pleasant, well-run, well-priced spot is The Burger Spot. And what a pleasure, in these waning days of summer, to dine outside on Garden City’s Seventh Street — with its wide sidewalks and attractive shops, it really should be called Seventh Boulevard.

The burgers have a lot to recommend them, too. My bacon cheeseburger was meaty and rich, cooked, as requested, medium-rare and topped with tomato, onion, fresh green leaf lettuce (my favored burger-topping leaf) and what the menu refers to as “homemade house sauce,” a creamy, pinkish, burger-enhancing substance. The bacon, it must be said, could have been crisper.

The bun was brioche. We have a lively debate going here at Newsday about burger buns. I incline toward the soft, sesame-seed-topped model they use at Bobby’s Burger Palace, among other burgeries, but I am more accepting of brioche buns than one burger-savvy colleague for whom they are a burger deal breaker. But The Burger Spot’s brioche bun was not one of those gargantuan specimens that dwarfs the burger. In fact, it provided a structured barrier that my increasingly slippery grip appreciated.

Fries are of the battered variety, and I find that those always taste more of batter than potatoes. Sweet potato fries were better, and the real surprise was a side salad of green leaf lettuce, ripe grape tomatoes and shredded carrots with a homemade herb dressing. Better than a lot of restaurant salads I’ve had.

The Burger Spot is at 150 Seventh St., Garden City, 516-746-6100,