Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Happy National Chocolate-Covered Raisin Day

Nestle Raisinets

Nestle Raisinets Credit: Nestle

Alex Jessup, an account executive at Ogilvy Public Relations, called me today to make sure I had gotten his email alerting me to the fact that today, March 24, is National Chocolate-Covered Raisin Day.

“I don’t recognize holidays like this,” I told him.

“You mean you didn’t know about it?” he responded, “or you think it’s B. S.?”

I couldn’t pass up this opportunity for truth-telling: “Well, since you brought it up,” I said kindly, “I think it’s B.S.”

You will be amazed to learn that Jessup was contacting me on behalf of his client, Nestlé Raisinets. To honor this sacred feast day, Raisinets has taken over “the small town of Raisin City, California, renaming it: ‘Raisinets City’ for the day! Costumed Raisinets characters rolled into town and word quickly spread. Raisin City’s 167 residents poured into the town square where they were treated to delicious Raisinets, as well as a fun-filled day of Raisinets-themed activities including a parade, relay race, and more.” (I will spare you the rest of this news release.)

I hope the town’s 167 residents were able to fight off the costumed Raisinet characters.

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