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36° Good Evening

Hello out there?

Am I alone in lamenting the lack of websites devoted to Long Island dining? There’s us, of course. But we wouldn’t mind a little company. You know, let a thousand flowers bloom and all that.

We enjoy Ron Beigel’s Eater’s Digest in the Long Island Press, as well as the sporadic postings of Butter Lover over at the rather grandly named Long Island Food Blog. Long Island Restaurant News and its related Dishing on Dining are both produced by the P.R. company Wordhampton and thus are focused mainly (and positively) on its clients. East of NYC has some news every month or so. Then there are the handful of Long Island posters on Chowhound’s Tri-State board.

Am I missing anyone?

There are almost 3 million people living in Nassau and Suffolk counties. Many of them eat out. According to Mario Saccente, executive vice president of the LI chapter of the New York Restaurant Association, there are about 2,000 sit-down restaurants here. Why aren’t more people talking about them?

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