Good Morning
Good Morning

Huntington Station: Providential tacos

Chorizo (left) and tongue tacos at Los Compadres

Chorizo (left) and tongue tacos at Los Compadres in Huntington Station. Newsday / Erica Marcus (March, 1, 2011) Credit: Newsday / Erica Marcus

He works in mysterious ways.

I was hungry, heading south on Route 110 in Huntington Station, silently bemoaning the lack of lunch options. Well, I consoled myself, there’s always Chipotle. I hung a right onto Old Walt Whitman Road and saw rising [albeit squatly] before me, Los Compadres, a little Mexican spot I had plum forgotten about. Little Miss Authentic Cuisine could hardly pass up this modest taqueria for the corporate behemoth that is Chipotle, no matter how virtuous a chain it is.

The place was clean as a whistle, the man behind the counter as jolly as Santa. I was thinking about how I had skipped breakfast this morning. Then my tacos arrived and, lo and behold, the chorizo taco was filled not only with spicy sausage, but scrambled eggs, too. A little hot sauce made this a winner. My tongue taco was good too, if needing a little more juice.

When I noticed that my bottle of Jarritos mineral water wasn’t a twist-off, I looked around and, sure enough, affixed to the wall next to the ordering counter was a bottle opener that pried off the cap and provided a receptacle for its disposal. This simple maneuver gave me inordinate pleasure.

Los Compadres is at 243 Old Walt Whitman Rd., Huntington Station, 631-351-8384.

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