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Huntington: Tea lessons on Sunday

Sip Tea Lounge in Huntington both retails loose

Sip Tea Lounge in Huntington both retails loose tea and serves it in a Japanese-inspired salon. Here, pu-erh tea is served. (Apr. 27, 2013) Credit: Bruce Gilbert

Did you know that Darjeeling tea comes from Darjeeling in India? That Ceylon tea comes from Sri Lanka? That there are five types of tea (black, green, oolong, white and pu-erh) but that they are all made from the same plant, Camellia sinensis?

On Sunday, join Nicole Basso at her tea shop, Sip Tea Lounge, for an introductory class on the history, growing and processing of the world's most popular beverage — after water. Tastings included.

The class costs $25/person and starts at 6 p.m. Advance registration is required. Call 631-683-5777 or email Sip Tea Lounge. The shop is at 286C New York Ave., Huntington,

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