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Hush Bistro closes in Huntington

The St. Louis ribs at Hush Bistro in

The St. Louis ribs at Hush Bistro in Huntington.  Credit: Julia Xanthos Liddy

Hush Bistro in Huntington shut its doors abruptly on Monday, bringing to a close a four-year saga of shifting locations and personnel. Marc Bynum, who opened the original Hush Bistro in Farmingdale, left the Huntington restaurant in June.

Co-owner Eric Machado, of Reststar Hospitality Group, said that the restaurant has been sold and that another concern would be opening at 46 Gerard St. before too long. 

The first incarnation of Hush was on Main Street in Farmingdale. While Bynum rose through the ranks from line cook to three-star chef — and three-time champion on Food Network’s “Chopped" — he kindled a dream of opening a small but ambitious bistro in his hometown. That dream came true in 2014 with Hush Bistro, a sliver of an eatery serving soulful New American cuisine. Bynum received his second three-star review in Newsday (the first was for Tellers An American Chophouse in 2009) and helped kick off the revival of Farmingdale’s downtown.

In 2017, Bynum was looking for more space, more capital and more diners, and he entered into a partnership with Jason and Eric Machado of the Huntington-based Reststar Hospitality Group. In August, Reststar’s 16-month-old Salumeria Pomodoro was transformed into Hush Bistro, with more than double the capacity of the original. Bynum earned two and a half stars at Hush 2.0.

Bynum had long been experimenting with Japanese ramen noodles, introducing them as a lunchtime item at Hush in Farmingdale and moving them onto the dinner menu in Huntington. In March, Bynum and the Machado brothers opened a second Huntington spot, MB Ramen, which was billed, at the time, as bearing the initials of the chef.

But three months later, Bynum and the Machado brothers ended their partnership. “MB” now stands for “Machado Brothers” and has no plans to close. Bynum, who retains the rights to the name “Hush Bistro” is hoping to resurrect it in the future.

After he left Huntington, Bynum decamped to Bay Shore, where he had long been consulting on a barbecue spot. He now took on the full-time role of executive chef at Fatwood Southern Kitchen, which opened in August. There you’ll find the St. Louis ribs from Hush as well a “bowl of soul” ramen with pulled pork. (Monday nights at Fatwood are ramen nights, with four different bowls, most of them integrating Fatwood’s smoked meats.)

Eric Machado said that any gift certificates issued by Hush Bistro in Huntington would be honored at three other RestStar restaurants in the village: MB Ramen, Cafe Buenos Aires and Bistro Cassis.

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