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IMC in Huntington: First bites

Lobster sliders are served at Imperial Meat Company

Lobster sliders are served at Imperial Meat Company in Huntington. December 2014. Credit: Newsday / Peter M. Gianotti

IMC stands for Imperial Meat Company. The newcomer is downtown Huntington's boisterous, clubby, glitzy nightspot and protein provider.

You'll spot some signage to underscore IMC's image. "Rock 'n roll all night ... and party ... every day.' There are floor windows with lighting so you may be sure IMC offers enough Cavit. That contrasts a bit with a Warholian graphic colorfully boosting Dom Perignon.

Subtlety and nuance aren't the strengths here. "Notice me" is.

That applies to the food, too. If you are here to eat, better choices include the grilled filet mignon, the Kobe beef burger, and the lobster sliders; lesser ones, pan-seared chicken for two and oven-roasted pepperoni chips.

Imperial Meat Company, 279 Main St., Huntington; 631-824-6222.

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