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J. Michaels Tuscan Steakhouse: Quirky quirks

Guests are served a salad course at J.

Guests are served a salad course at J. Michaels Tuscan Steakhouse in Northport. (Jan. 6, 2012) Credit: Jeremy Bales

Ask to take home leftovers at the new J. Michaels Tuscan Steakhouse in Northport and you’re in for a surprise. Instead of receiving your doggy bag at the table, your food will be wrapped up and placed in your car by a parking valet.

At least that’s the plan. But, according to a reader whose leftovers never made it to her vehicle, mix-ups are always possible.

“That never should have happened,” said co-owner Vincent Michaels, adding he wanted to invite that empty-handed diner back as a guest.

Even so, Michaels stands by his policy of keeping leftovers out of the dining room — in the name of maintaining a certain level of class. During warmer weather, Michaels said, food will be held elsewhere in the restaurant.

The new steakhouse, which just garnered a three-star review, has no shortage of additional quirks. These, Michaels eagerly enumerated: “The staff does not sing happy birthday, unless on request,” he said. “We do not have California wines on our wine list. We do not serve Caesar salad. We don not have french fries. We close on holidays that are important to our staff, like Super Bowl Sunday. We do not serve butter with our Gorgonzola bread. We do not charge young children for their pasta or chicken, not when others in their family are ordering entrees.'' And the restaurant only has a little brass plaque on the front door, no big sign outside with its name. But sometimes, Michaels has an ice sculpture sign made for out front, on special occasions and holidays.

J. Michaels Tuscan Steakhouse is at 688 Fort Salonga Rd., Northport; 631-651-9411.

Above: You won't see a doggy bag in the dining room of J. Michaels Steakhouse


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