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Jalea Peruvian Cuisine opens in Hicksville

Chupe de camarones, shrimp chowder, is a specialty

Chupe de camarones, shrimp chowder, is a specialty at Jalea Peruvian Cuisine in Hicksville. Credit: Newsday / Erica Marcus

And the Peruvian restaurants just keep on coming. Jalea Peruvian Cuisine has opened on Old Country Road in Hicksville, following hot on the heels of La Candela Bistro in Hicksville, Las Viñas in Mineola and The Inkan in Garden City Park.

The restaurant, which takes over from La Parvita Bakery & Restaurant, is divided into a bright dining room and a roomy bar (whose liquor license is pending). The menu offers a wide swath of Peruvian dishes that draw from its seafood, meat and potato traditions.

Appetizers include anticuchos (beef heart, $10), chicharron de pescado (fish fritters, $14) and papa a la Huancaina (potatoes topped with spicy cheese sauce and egg, $8). There are raw-fish ceviches and tiraditos (the latter, a Peruvian-Japanese fusion) ranging from $10 to $19; whole rotisserie chicken ($10), tacu tacu (beans, rice and steak, $16) and two versions of the great Peruvian potato-corn chowder, chupe: with fish ($12) or shrimp ($13).

“Jalea” is a Peruvian dish of mixed fried seafood platter served over fried yucca and topped with zarza criolla, a spicy onion relish. Jalea’s “jalea classica” is $19, the larger portion, “ejecutiva,” is $30.

251 W. Old Country Rd., Hicksville, 516-605-2251.

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