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John John's Sub Shop launches in Greenlawn

This is the tuna sub at John John's

This is the tuna sub at John John's Sub Shop Sandwiches in Greenlawn (Aug., 2012) Credit: Newsday Joan Reminick

John John’s Sub Shop in Greenlawn is named for its two owners —  restaurateurs John Tunney and John Rieger, partners at Besito in Huntington and Roslyn.

Although the neat little shop is basically a Boar’s Head cold cut deli, what distinguishes it from others of its ilk is the house-baked bread used to make jumbo sandwiches, which  are 18-inches long but are also available half-sized.

What I liked about both the white and whole wheat loaves was their crusty exteriors and light — not doughy —  insides. Sandwiches, neither too thick nor too thin, are easy to eat.

A “fancy white tuna salad & arugula” sandwich ($5.95 half; $11.90 whole), featured tuna salad made with Hellman’s Light mayonnaise. While it was good, it would have been better yet had the mixture been made with regular or heavy mayonnaise —  just less of it. Lots less. The crew here tends to have a heavy hand with the mayo.

“Subs need to be wet,“ said Tunney, in a phone conversation.

A vegetarian sandwich of provolone, mozzarella, cucumber, arugula and bright locally grown tomatoes ($5.95 half; $11.90 whole) was sparked by the addition of chipotle mayonnaise — just a tad too much of it. Nice chicken parm sandwich ($6.95 half; $13.90 whole).

And great warm soft chocolate chip cookies ($.99). Also featured: house-made iced tea, lemonade and the mixture of those two drinks known as an Arnold Palmer.

John John's Sub Shop is at 51 Broadway, Greenlawn, 631-261-7600.

Above: Tuna and arugula sub on whole wheat at John John's Sub Shop, Greenlawn

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