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Is Jones Beach an ice-cream-free zone?

At Jones Beach, there's no ice cream, only

At Jones Beach, there's no ice cream, only Red Mango frozen yogurt, June 6, 2014.

There are loads of  exciting new food offerings at Jones Beach and we sampled most of it. Just across the sand from the “regular” concession area is a tent sheltering SmorgasBar, a collection of hip, happening food vendors that represent a delegation from the cult Brooklyn food market Smorgasburg. Enjoy fresh-shucked oysters, hand-cut fries, shockingly fresh nachos, artisanal sausages and more.

Here’s what's hard to come by at Jones Beach: ice cream. SmorgasBar doesn’t sell it. The old concession area doesn’t sell it — there’s not even a freezer full of Good Humor.

Now, around the corner from concessions is a little outpost of Red Mango frozen yogurt. Next to the yogurt there's one soft-serve machine dispensing vanilla ice cream, but on the day I was there it was out of order. Come on, this is the greatest public bathing beach on the East Coast, if not the planet. And at the main food-service location, there’s, at best, a trickle of vanilla soft serve at a yogurt stand?

There used to be a Friendly’s in the West Bath House, but that structure is currently under renovation. So children hungry for a chocolate ice cream cone are plumb out of luck. It’s positively un-American. Paging Gov. Cuomo.

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