Good Morning
Good Morning

Kebabaluba. Say it a few times and you may want to dance to the catchy name of Port Jefferson's brand new kebab house. The informal spot, done in bright orange, is located right across from the water.

"Watch your fingers" is the restaurant's motto, referring, I was told by a waitress, to skewered meat being, essentially, finger food.

I used a fork on the restaurant's succulent Adana kebab ($10), a super-spicy and juicy rendition of a classic Turkish skewered minced lamb dish. Shrimp "shish" (skewered whole marinated shrimp) was grilled to the precise point of doneness and only $12. Both dishes were served with rice, salad, pita bread and yogurt sauce.

Given the size of Port Jefferson's summer crowds (just try finding a parking spot) and Kebabaluba's bang for the buck ratio, I'd say we're looking at a hit in the making.


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