Good Morning
Good Morning

Kemistry Restaurant & Lounge

Bar stools are shaped like giant lips at the new Kemistry (yep, that’s the way it’s spelled) Restaurant & Lounge in Mineola. Picture someone sitting on one and make of that image what you will.

The colorful modernistic-looking space offers live entertainment on weekends as well as televised sporting events.

Of more interest to me was its menu, big on sandwiches. At a rather uncomfortable booth, I tasted a very good burger whose topping would be any cardiologist’s nightmare: bacon, ham cheese, lettuce and a fried egg.  In the same realm of wickedness was a Portuguese-style “Franceshina” sandwich (listed as an entree): white bread, sliced steak, bacon, sausage, ham,  fried egg, mozzarella and a spicy tomato cream sauce. Quite a kick, if not in the realm of the supernal “Franceshina” you’ll read about in Thursday’s “Cheap Eats” column.

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