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Kith Treats opens inside luxury retailer Hirshleifers at the Americana Manhasset

An ice cream swirl at Kith Treats at

An ice cream swirl at Kith Treats at the Americana Manhasset includes a cereal and a mix-in. Credit: Hirshleifers

Cool kids (and grown ups too) revere Kith, the hipster and relatively affordable streetwear brand of apparel and footwear founded six years ago by Queens native Ronnie Fieg.

The collection for men, women and kids includes hoodies, tees, track pants, plaid jackets and sneakers, and has engendered a cultlike following. Now there’s a sugary element to the line, too.

Fans of Fieg’s are lining up at Kith Treats ice cream bar, housed within the sparkling new marble, glass and stainless steel shop-within-a-shop at the luxury retailer Hirshleifers at the Americana Manhasset.

Cleverly designed, the ice cream bar is contained by a graphic garage-like door emblazoned with colorful, vintage cereal boxes. Here, a server blends vanilla soft-serve ice cream with a combination of old-school cereals (don’t even think about gluten-free, sugar-free anything) and other sweet accoutrements — cheesecake bites, brownie bits, Kit Kats among them.

Fieg, a self-proclaimed cereal addict, offers his variation on the theme via the lit-up menu board. Dubbed “The Fiegster,” it features Frosted Flakes, Cocoa Puffs, mini marshmallows and crushed Oreos. The menu highlights several other notables such as rapper and former chef Action Bronson (his mix is called “The Bam Bam” and includes Rice Krispies Treats and Cinnamon Toast Crunch) and Victor Cruz’ “The 80,” (natch it’s the NFL star’s jersey number) which boasts a textural combo of Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies, along with Snickers and waffle cone pieces.

The ice cream must be consumed within the perimeters of Kith (designated by plaster cast Air Jordan 7’s) or taken to go. After all, who can blame them for the ice cream isolationism? Hirshleifers’ luxe merchandise mix includes mega-pricey brands such as Balenciaga, Chanel and Brunello Cucinelli, which carry an imaginary label: “avoid ice cream dollops at all costs.”

Prices for the ice cream range from $7 for a swirl, which is approximately three scoops and includes one cereal and one mix-in (you can add more cereals or mix-ins for 75 cents each) to $8.50 for a milkshake (choice of whole, skim, almond or chocolate milk) with one cereal and one mix-in. Customization is welcome.

Kith Treats is open most days 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. inside Hirshleifers, 2080 Northern Blvd, in the Americana Manhasset shopping center.

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