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Kosher restaurant Rimon is closed in Great Neck

Rimon, a glatt kosher restaurant in Great Neck,

Rimon, a glatt kosher restaurant in Great Neck, has closed. Credit: Rimon

Glatt kosher Rimon has closed in the Great Neck location that has hosted a range of restaurants over the years. The restaurant’s last Facebook post, from April, said “on vacation,” but the phone has been disconnected and the liquor license has expired. No one was available for comment on what might follow in the space.

Rimon, opened in the spring of 2015, was a kosher reboot of Sip City, the international small-plates restaurant that opened five years earlier. Sip City was preceded by XO Bar & Restaurant, The Living Room, Sports Corner Café, Plaza Madrid and, back in the early ’90s, Mushrooms.