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La Casa Cafe

The Italian Feast at La Casa Cafe, 445

The Italian Feast at La Casa Cafe, 445 Waterside Ave. in Northport. Credit: Photo by Michael E. Ach

Owner Joe Celano just instituted outdoor table service at his beachfront restaurant. Now, parents can watch their kids playing in the sand as they chow down on a pizza or a panino.

Indoors, the menu is more in the traditional Italian vein. A salad bar - uninteresting but plentiful - adds value, at least according to some. The food, while not cutting edge, is generous and generally good. Chicken marsala, at a recent dinner, was a straighforward classic. Better was a pasta, penne rustica, made with sausage, broccoli rabe and no shortage of garlic.

Afterwards, walk along the shorefront. It's one of summer's pleasures.