Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Little Mexico

Little Mexico is a well-marked restaurant on a well-traveled segment of Post Avenue. The place is clean as a whistle and neat as a pin, decorated with rustic pottery, Mexican film posters, framed Diego Rivera prints and colorful paper accents. The acoustic-tile ceiling is even camouflaged with a sort of inverted wooden molding.

When the nice waitress brought me a basket of fresh tortilla chips, every single one of which was a perfect triangle. The salsa had a nice kick to it. Then came a tasty chicken tamale and two sopes de lengua. Sopes are thicker than tacos and these came piled high with succulent cubes of tongue, shredded iceberg lettuce, chopped tomatoes, cilantro, crema and cotija cheese. To drink I had a lime Jarritos soda. This perfect meal cost about $15.

--Erica Marcus


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