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Long Beach: soft pretzels in the bread basket

George Martin's Grillfire, Long Beach

George Martin's Grillfire, Long Beach Credit: Handout

It’s bad enough to be addicted to bread, but when the basket on the table has full-sized soft pretzels in it (with a little tub of mustard) I know I’m in trouble.

Before the meal at George Martin’s Grillfire in Long Beach even arrived, I had eaten two pretzels and was semi-stuffed. Good thing, though, because the food that followed wasn’t nearly as satisfying.

I had a capellini special with tomatoes and shrimp, but the yellow sauce at the bottom of the bowl was hard to identify (butter? oil? margarine?) and the pasta was overcooked. A tablemate’s order of crab-cake BLT was bland and bready. Others in our party had a wrap with fresh tuna, and a chopped salad. No great shakes on either, although the sweet potato fries we passed around were gone in a blink.

While Grillfire is known for its burgers and desserts, the draw for me in the future is twisted and salty.

George Martin’s Grillfire (which occupies the space vacated earlier this year by Nick DiAngelo's) is at 152 West Park Ave., Long Beach, 516-889-3366.