The union of ice cream, milk and syrup produces the wonder known as a milkshake. You can sip it, spoon it, have it with a meal, after a meal or even as a meal.

Here are three restaurants whose shakes can shake your world.

RELISH, Kings Park

Chef-owner Steve Cardello uses Edy's ice cream and, sometimes, even crushed-up candy bars and fruit, to make first-rate shakes in such varieties as Butterfingers, bananas Foster and caramel cappuccino. Price: $4.50 to $5.


From Iron Chef Bobby Flay come superstar milkshakes and malteds. Topped with real whipped cream, they're available in such flavors as dark chocolate, pistachio and coffee. Price: $5 to $7.

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CHEEBURGER CHEEBURGER, Farmingdale, Greak Neck, Plainview

At these separately owned '50s-themed burger spots, great shakes in a crazy array of flavors -- chocolate cherry, coconut cream pie, Irish cream -- begin with Edy's ice cream. Price: $3.79 to $5.49.