Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Long Island pizza: Restaurants where you can get a late-night slice

It’s midnight. You’re hungry.

Maybe you’ve just come off the late shift at work, or you’re still juiced after a concert, or you’ve caught the last showing of a movie, or you finished cramming for an exam, or you’ve concluded the liquid portion of a night out with friends. There’s only one food that’s going to satisfy you: Pizza.

Most Long Island pizzerias start to clear the decks between 10 and 11 p.m., but we found ones that stay open through midnight and some into the wee hours. Because exact hours can fluctuate depending on season and demand, you’re advised to call first.

Mr. Miceli

19 N. Park Ave., Rockville Centre, 516-764-7701,
Credit: Daniel Brennan

Mr. Miceli (19 N. Park Ave., Rockville Centre): Luca Miceli opened Mr. Miceli in 1982, but it was only about seven years ago that he decided to stay open super late on weekends. Around the same time, the Sicilian native learned that he had a wheat allergy. “Since I stopped eating wheat,” he said, “you can’t believe the energy I have. I work all day and the late night, too.” Miceli’s new regimen also inspired him to make two gluten-free crusts, one with rice flour, the other (his preference) from buckwheat. Hours: Open Sunday to Thursday until 11 p.m., Friday and Saturday until 4 a.m. More info: 516-764-7701,

That Pizza Place

303 Wantagh Ave., Levittown, 516-731-4500, Open Sunday
Credit: Daniel Brennan

That Pizza Place (303 Wantagh Ave., Levittown): The new kid on the nocturnal-pizza block, The Pizza Place (est. 2015) has found a niche in Wantagh. “People are thankful we’re here,” said manager Seth Davies. After 10 p.m. the spot serves a condensed menu of 10 pies, four of which (regular, Sicilian, Buffalo chicken and barbecue chicken) can be made vegan upon request. Late-bird discount: Regular slices, normally $2.50, go for $1.50; take $3.50 off any whole pie. Hours: Open Sunday to Tuesday until 9 p.m., Wednesday and Thursday until 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday until 2 a.m. More info: 516-731-4500,

Campus Pizza Gyro

742 Fulton Ave., Hempstead, 516-489-2111, Open Monday
Credit: Daniel Brennan

Campus Pizza Gyro (742 Fulton Ave., Hempstead): Whether they’re capping off a night of studying or partying — or just taking a break before getting back to the task at hand — Hofstra students need travel less than three blocks from campus to reach Campus Pizza Gyro. The menu is split between pizzeria standards and Greek-American specialties such as gyro, souvlaki and pita sandwiches. Hours: Open Monday to Saturday until 3 a.m., Sunday until 2 a.m. More info: 516-489-2111,

Za Late Night Pizzeria

3601 Merrick Rd., Seaford, 516-785-LATE (5283), and 2
Credit: Daniel Brennan

Za Late Night Pizzeria (Multiple locations): Sal Mignano and his three partners opened the first Za in Rockville Centre (2 N. Park Ave.) in 2012, and a second in Seaford (3601 Merrick Rd.) in 2013. “We wanted to put a hip spin on late-night pizza,” he said. “Me and T.J. [partner T.J. Penzone] used to tour the country in a band, and college towns always had these cool places where everybody went.” In addition to standard offerings, Za makes a slew of vegan pies (topped with Sriracha seitan, chik’n bbq, seitan chik’n, soy pepperoni and soy sausage) and a couple of gluten-free pies, too. Hours: Open every night until 4 a.m. More info:

Joe's Pizza

346 Union Ave., Holbrook, 631-981-3029, Open Sunday
Credit: Daniel Brennan

Joe's Pizza (346 Union Ave., Holbrook): Strategically positioned just off the LIE and close to Ronkonkoma’s LIRR station, Joe’s has been attracting late-night travelers since 1978. Manager Phil D’Onofrio said that the later the hour, the more elaborate the slices — chicken-bacon ranch, spinach and breaded artichoke hearts. “We don’t know if they skipped dinner or if they’re just hungry again, but people eating that late, they’ll usually splurge.” Hours: Open Sunday to Thursday until 11 p.m., Friday and Saturday until midnight. More info: 631-981-3029,

Little Vincent's

329 New York Ave, Huntington, 631-423-9620 Open Sunday
Credit: Newsday/Erica Marcus

Little Vincent's (Multiple locations): A lean, mean pizza-making machine. That’s Little Vincent’s, the Huntington (329 New York Ave.) institution whose pies are a rebuke to every wood-fired, creatively topped pizza on Long Island: the most exotic variety here is meatball. Little Vincent’s undisputed specialty is the cold-cheese slice, in which a hot regular slice is topped with a fist-sized pile of cold shredded cheese. The cold cheese melts into the hot cheese and forms a soft, gluey, salty, mildly cheesy substance that is hard to stop eating — partly because it’s impossible to bite through. In for a bite, in for a mouthful. Other location in Lake Ronkonkoma (324 Smithtown Blvd.). Huntington Hours: Open Sunday to Thursday until 1:30 a.m., Friday and Saturday until 3 a.m. Lake Ronkonoma Hours: Open Sunday to Thursday until 2 a.m., Friday and Saturday until 4 a.m. More info: 631-423-9620 (Huntington), 631-467-9633 (Lake Ronkonoma)

Pizza Parm

591 Main St., Islip, 631-581-9500, Open Sunday
Credit: Daniel Brennan

Pizza Parm (591 Main St., Islip): The Bohlsen Restaurant Group’s first foray into pizza was always conceived as a late-night venue. “Islip is a late-night walking-around town,” said partner Michael Bohlsen. “We figured there was a demand for a place where people could get a slice.” Many of the late-night customers are hungry workers from other restaurants — including Verace and Tellers, An American Chophouse, the two Bohlsen establishments on the same block. Hours: Open Sunday until 9 p.m., Monday to Thursday until 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday until midnight. More info: 631-581-9500,

Port Jefferson Pizza

124 Main St., Port Jefferson, 631-509-5805, Open
Credit: Daniel Brennan

Port Jefferson Pizza (124 Main St., Port Jefferson): Diego Morales took over this 46-year-old pizzeria two years ago and has kept the original Greek owner’s gyros, spanakopita and tiropita (spinach and cheese pies) along with pizzas ranging from bacon-chicken ranch to Philly cheesesteak to, somewhat predictably, Greek salad. Hours: Open Sunday to Wednesday until 11 p.m., Thursday until 3 a.m., Friday and Saturday until 4 a.m. More info: 631-509-5805,


313 Main St., Huntington, 631-425-7694 Open Sunday to
Credit: Daniel Brennan

Rosa's (313 Main St., Huntington): Before opening in Huntington 17 years ago, Rosa’s operated pizzerias in Queens since the 1970s. “Staying open late,” said manager Diego Spadafora, “we don’t know any other way to do it.” Unlike Huntington’s other late-night pizza specialist, Little Vincent’s, Rosa’s pies tend toward the baroque, topped with chicken and broccoli, baked ziti, even ravioli. Hours: Open Sunday to Thursday until 1 a.m., Friday and Saturday until 3 a.m. More info: 631-425-7694

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