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Long Island restaurants: new reviews

The Davey Gravey burger, served at Old Fields'

The Davey Gravey burger, served at Old Fields' second location in Port Jefferson, is a flavorful patty topped with a fried egg between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Credit: Yvonne Albinowski

In this week’s Newsday, Peter M. Gianotti reviews Old Fields, the new Greenlawn branch of the Port Jefferson gastropub. “In a downtown rife with restaurants,” he writes, “the new Old Fields immediately stands out. This is a dining room for everyone, whether you're coming for a burger or filet mignon, a pumpkin spice martini or a chocolate malted.”

Joan Reminick visits Ra-Kang, an attractive and accomplished new Thai restaurant in the West End of Long Beach, a neighborhood historically more associated with quantities of drink than quality of food. “Credit married co-owners Houng Inthavixay and Shane Suvitayawat,” she writes, for the “large degree of authenticity.”