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Good Morning

Lunch in GC: Prix-fixe and alfresco

Margherita pizza at Seventh Street Cafe, GC

Margherita pizza at Seventh Street Cafe, GC Credit: Joan Reminick

While strolling about town in Garden City today, I was drawn to the sidewalk tables at the Seventh Street Café, the only ones on the street with white tablecloths. A $14.95 three-course lunch upped the attraction.

Thus ensued a roller coaster meal. While I was high on the spunky flavor of the lentil soup, I was down on its oiliness. I  voted yea on the nicely blistered pizza Margherita (crisp yet pillowy of crust) but gave a nay to a pal’s dry, overdone salmon. No prob with the simple vanilla ice cream. The chocolate cheesecake, though, was merely blah.

You may or may not be a fan of the 18 percent gratuity automatically added to the check. Whatever your opinion, it does save on mathematical computations.

Seventh Street Café is at 126 Seventh St., Garden City, 516-747-7575

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